Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rune Guneriussen

Another series, in which light is used to take us to places we have never imagined. This amazing photographer uses everyday objects and turns them into art by simply putting them in an unusual environment. It is funny how the lamps, these inanimate pieces of furniture, become almost alive, while the trees and woods are the ones that look lifeless. Beautiful, creative, lovely.

You can find other creative projects by Rune Guneriussen here


Keep Calm and Carry On Pink Archival Print: Cut&Paste Print; Ahoy Print: Jeninne's Art Store; Seafaring Magnets Set of 4: Robot Candy; Card-File Address Book (Blue Post Box): Beth Bee Books; Loveletter Necklace and Maize Ring Stack: Foundling; Mini Wallet Mini Pink Cupcakes Fabric: Baffin Bags; Paris 1908 Gift Tags: Mullberry Muse; Yellow Velvet Chrysanthemum Silk-Lined Clutch Bag: Red Ruby Rose; Design Your Own Letter A-Z: A Bushel and a Peck; Wisdom and Again 5x5 Prints: Fiereyed Photography;TeaCup Pouch: Patchwork Pottery; Early Morning Pocket Mirror: The Nebulous Kingdom; Antique Lace Zipper Pouch and White Antique Lace Zipper Pouch: Forest Bound

All from Etsy

Monday, January 26, 2009


I wanted to do this with watercolor, considering I don't feel so comfortable with it, but I had no time to experiment, so this is what you get :) Maybe later.. we'll see.

Ink on paper

Personal Moon.

I know you have probably seen this project already, but I just couldn't help but post some photos here.
The people behind these dreamy photos are the Russian designer Leonid Tishkov and photographer Boris Bendikov who made a big, moon-shaped light-box, calling the project "Your Personal Moon". How amazing it is to hang your own Moon over you bed?

More about this project: here (it's in Russian)


Image via ffffound

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Andrea Joseph

I love what treasures you can find by opening random websites, ah, I love the Internet for that! I present you an amazing talent - Andrea Joseph. She is from the UK and her work is absolutely stunning! All the details are so carefully drawn and the materials are so realistic, that it really stops my breath. There are many, many more drawings, so you'd better check them yourselves - it's worth it, I promise! I really have no more words, so enjoy! :)

Andrea Joseph's blog and flickr

Friday, January 23, 2009

Birdie's Nest

I am completely in love with this lamp. So simple, yet so beautiful and inspiring.
Designer: Ingo Maurer

Jen Stark

Have you seen the work of the talented Jen Stark? A couple of weeks ago I saw one of her works here on the Internet, but I had no idea whose it was. Today I came across her website and I decided to share with you some of her sculptures. Hope you like it :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I really love creative projects like this one. Original, fresh and lovely!

Images via ffffound


Image via ffffound


This photo reminded me of one of my all-time-favorite commercials. Take a look:

Image via ffffound

That is a View.

This view makes living all by yourself sound appealing, at least to me...

Image via ffffound


I finally decided to participate in some creative projects, such as Inspire Me Thursday :)
So this is a start! See you there :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

I highly recommend that you watch this movie in case you already haven't. I really loved the whole idea of spending the summer in a totally different place living a life different from the one you have at home. And Javier Bardem's character is the perfect one for a strong, self-confident and talented man - such an interesting personage.


Recently I have been inspired by feathers. On my way back home a couple of days ago I saw a little bird so beautiful and colorful that I couldn't just walk by without stopping there and watching it for a while. It was strange, because it is so cold here, but it was lovely!
I drew this yesterday - it is watercolor pencil on paper.

Welcome! :)

Hello everyone!

I finally managed to start my own blog and I am very happy to say that. I will try to update it regularly and I hope that you find something interesting and inspirational over here! Thank you for coming! :)

Lots of love,
IvaY <3
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