Saturday, February 21, 2009


I have recently had the opportunity to move into a new apartment of my own and I have faced the problem of decorating it, buying new furniture etc. The only thing I brought to my new place were my books. I love them. I think it is wonderful that no matter where we go, no matter how new and modern our homes are, books always bring some kind of emotion, a piece of history with them. That is why I find it very interesting how people manage to display their book collection. I, myself, didn't want any furniture in my new bedroom, except for a bed and therefore my books are now piled on the floor. I used to like it this way, but I needed to organize them and I designed a bookshelf, a very simple one. I promise to show you pictures as soon as it is ready.

I spent some time looking at different homes, trying to find some inspiration. And I did. My question to you is "How do you store your books?"

Is your whole wall covered with books?

Or you have a fancy bookshelf:

Do you just throw them in some corner?

Or you use them as a decoration?

Do you put them on the floor?

Perhaps you store them under the stairs?

Or on them?

Do you have a cozy place where you can sit with a book in hands?

Or entire rooms?

Do you form spaces with them?

Or they are all over the place?

Are they organized near your bed?

Or around the doors and windows?

Is your nightstand a pile of books itself?

Do you put them on the table?

Do you store them in the fireplace?

Perhaps you use them as a place to sit on?

How do you store your books? I wold love to know! If you want to share, feel free to email me a photo, or just leave a comment :)

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Anonymous said...

have a look here -
- there are many interesting and creative ideas.
good luck with your home decoration :) i'm sure you'll enjoy it and you'll have a great result

iva yaneva said...

thank you! there were some really great ones :) thanks for sharing :)

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