Wednesday, March 25, 2009

#1 Egg chair

I have thought of uploading a series of posts about design and I came to a decision to make it more of a revision. It is clear that vintage furniture and antiques are highly appreciated, and learning more about world's famous pieces sounds intriguing. Therefore, I am going to post once a week something about those amazing pieces. I hope you'll enjoy :)

The first one will be The Egg chair.
Designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958
Manufactured by Fridz Hansen

This chair was designed for Radisson SAS hotel in Copenhagen. It was designed as a couch as well, but it wasn't nearly as successful as the chair. The couch was made as a special edition, not only due to the fact it was very expensive, but it was also very difficult to make. The problem was that it was too big to be upholstered by one piece of leather and it would have unpleasant stiches right in the middle.

The Egg chair celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. For this special occasion Fritz Hansen released a limited edition of 999 chairs only. All of them were made by chocolate brown suede on the back and chocolate brown leather on the front; the base - in solid bronze and hand polished to create a unique finish to the chair. Each of the unique chairs are engraved under the seat cushion with a number and a brief text about the history of the chair. You can read more here.


Rachel Mallon said...

Great post! Thanks for the detailed info about this cool chair. I adore that last one and would love to get my hands on one!

iva yaneva said...

yes, the last one is my favorite too :) very classy!

mustardandsage said...

These are gorgeous! Now I just need to find one that's in my budget... Thanks for visiting my blog, and leading me to your lovely little space on the web!

Naomi F. said...

The Egg chair is one of my favourite Design icons of all times!

I'm in love with the Tord Boontje upholstery (well, I love anything by TB...) but I dream of owning a vintage leather one that I will place in a big loft space, near a book case with a beautiful reading lamp to create the perfect reading corner.

Great post, Iva!

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