Monday, March 30, 2009

Work and Etsy

This is one of my works - San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, Italy.
White Chinа Ink on dark blue paper
Here is a photo of the original building to compare:

I am seriously considering opening an Etsy shop. I am doing a research, so I would appreciate any tips and information you'd like to share.


Rachel Mallon said...

Oh wow! Looks great and I love the white on dark blue. SO beautiful!

iva yaneva said...

thank you Rachel! It actually looks a lot better in person - the colour of the background is better and you can see all the details in the drawing :)

Naomi F. said...

I'd love to buy prints of your work. so let me know when you have opened the shop. :)

iva yaneva said...

aw, you're so sweet! I am working on it.. hope to open it soon :)

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