Friday, May 15, 2009

My new obsession

I am usually not a big fan of Starbucks. I prefer a small local cafe, that doesn't look the same as the one next to it. BUT that's until I tried Dark Berry Mocha last week! I think I am obsessed :)

For EDM #161: Draw something you think smells wonderful
I love the smell of coffee, LOVE! I like it better than the taste even.. I tend to hold the cup and smell it all the time while having coffee :) Some find it weird, but they think it is ever weirder that I drink it cold. I don't mean frappuccino, but getting regular coffee, waiting for it to get cold and then drinking it.

Oh and here is a shot I took of the cupcakes I drew a while ago, but didn't like how the colour of the scan turned out. I think they are suitable for the challenge as well, don't you? :)

How do you guys like to drink your coffee?


bubblemunch said...

Your cupcakes look just gorgeous. Love how you've captured the delicate paper cases with their pleats and shadows.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Hi Iva, great drawings. I know how you feel, I too prefer to frequent the local coffee shops, but now and again you just have to use Starbucks. And, that black cherry cupcake is really quite good.

Kelly said... the Starbucks drawing. It has so much energy--with a happy feel!

Alex said...

Starbucks drawing is simply good! :) And I still love those cupcakes drawing of you, they look so real as if you could just pick them up and eat them ^^

Jennifer Ramos said...

wow you are a FAB artist....i'm impressed! I love both coffee and tea...and quite obsessed with starbucks i'd have to say. Soy Cafe Mocha extra foamy for me!

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