Monday, May 4, 2009

Terrace and Plants

Since it is officially spring and it is warm enough to spend more time outside, I decided to make my never used until now terrace a more pleasant place. I got a lovely wooden chair and a little table, which I need to polish. I am still looking for more flowers to plant - I want really many, many flowers :) I guess living in a house with a garden all my life has made me used to being near plants and I somehow miss them in my tiny apartment. I am thinking of roses and hydrangeas.
I need to get more pots like this one, but I also need to add something that will keep them from falling over someone's head on the street:)

I found these two lovely pots in my parent's yard. Can you believe they were totally discarded? I absolutely love them!

I also filled this small wooden barrel with some plants. I need to get some more, so I haven't planted them yet. The inspiration came from Geninne. She also has a blog, you should totally check it - so full of inspiration!


Rachel Follett said...

Lovely photos and great finds!

Susan said...

A vignette worthy of painting! What an inviting corner!

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