Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Yep, that's right - I am a fan! I got the first book Twilight on Friday and I have already read it and I am at the middle of the second book, including that I prepared for an exam in the meantime!
I've got to say that the books are much better than the movie (which is almost always true). I was looking for a series to start reading, because a great book is never long enough, so this one pretty much did the job.

How about you - did you read it? What do you think about it? And if not, what are you reading at the moment?

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Janice said...

I bought it for my granddaughter, and then I read it too. Then I bought for her the next two in the series

Have you seen the movie? We live very close to the place in Washington State where it was supposed to take place, but actually it wss filmed in Oregon. The second one (New Moon) is now being filmed in Vancouver. We're driving down to Forks next week to visit the places that Bella and Edward made famous and then to LaPush (Jacob's reservation)

I found you here after you commented on my blog. Nice to meet you, and thanks for visiting

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