Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pretty Things

I have always thought that the most important thing about your home is not how big it is, but how it is decorated. Although I would like to have a huge house by the sea or at the mountains (not sure which one I'd love more), I really adore those cute small apartments that have so much personality. Here are some lovely items that can help you decorate your place.

I have always loved these stunning mirrors by the French company Domestic ever since I saw them about two years ago. There are so many great designs on their website!

How cute are these rugs by John Pour Home? They also make custom ones.
(not sure where I saw this first)

How about using trays as art? I have seen it before in old Bulgarian houses, but they weren't nearly as pretty as these! by Velocity
via Decocentric



I'm torn between the mountains and the sea too! When I think I've made up my mind, something comes along to change it.

I love that rug. I would love one for my entry.

Sofia said...

Oh the mirrors... :D

Sofia said...

Wow, really? I'm so happy for finding it for you:D

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