Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Did you guys know about this lovely project called Feed Your Soul? It is a selection of free art ready to be downloaded and printed. Each month there is a different artist contributing a print. Isn't it great? Go see them and thank Indie Fixx who came up with the whole idea.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Also there is a great website where you can buy art at very affordable prices. It is called the Tiny Showcase and each Tuesday at 7:30pm EDT they add a new limited edition print. You have to be fast, because they sell out very quickly. Thanks Naomi for telling me about this! xo

p.s. I wanted to thank you for your wonderful comments on my painting I posted yesterday! Some of you asked how I got the gradation of the colours and what paper I used, so I will make a little tutorial for you guys tomorrow. Until then - have a great day!


xavia said...

daam feed your soul, otkoga se opitvam da vlqza tam no results tho :/

Sofia said...

Thank you for sharing this Iva:) The art work is amazing and doesn't feel cheap just because it's free:)

The first one on your list is my favourite too:)

Ann said...

Nice artworks ... I love the swirls on them.

And you're painting from your last post is just awesome...

French said...

My first time here, nice post. Tks for sharing;)

I just love all of them.

Naomi F. said...

You are more than welcome, my dear! i am so glad you are into it :)

Plus, I owe you for reminding me to sign up to the photo trade on time :)
By the way, I want to see what you send & receive.

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