Saturday, July 11, 2009

Go Green!

In my country the concept of reducing our impact on the environment is quite new. I remember being one of those first people recycling and today I am very happy when I hear that more and more people do it. I even found out that last year our country has recycled almost twice more than what was expected from us by the EU. Unfortunately, most of us still use plastic bags when shopping, and although they are not as bad as the old ones, they are still not the best choice.
Here are some absolutely fantastic tote bags I found at Etsy that can make our shopping much more fashionable and greener!

All from LovelyPiecesDesgin


xavia said...

s takava chanta bih hodila na pazar prez 20 minuti :D

Kelly said...

Very cute!! We use canvas bags and other reusable bags for our shopping. They hold more than the plastic bags, so it's easier getting them from the car to the house!

Zari said...

nice tote bags! i always use totesbags, they are nice and we can really help a lot the environment by using less plastic!

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