Thursday, July 23, 2009

Inspiration: Tamar Mogendorff

I fell in love as soon as I saw these beautiful birdhouses by tamar mogendorff. So pretty! I wouldn't mind having one around.

lots of more inspiration on their website


lolly-jolly said...

I fell in love with them too! :)

French said...

These are really beautiful:)

pam@pixelimpress said...

ph, these are adorable!

hi, iva. thanks for stopping by pixelimpress the other day. i'm halfway thru book 4 of twilight series. some parts kinda drag. hoping to finish soon, then i'll catch up on some magazines that have stacked up. do you have another favorite juice drink? i'm hooked on carrots, apples, ginger, and banana. have it every day now but need variety! pam

pam@pixelimpress said...

ph = oh

Rachel Follett said...

These are so cute!

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