Monday, July 6, 2009


I have so many things I want to share with you that I am not sure where to begin with. Here are some fabulous links you might want to visit:

- issue 4 of Parasol magazine just came out
- oh, hello friend are having a lovely giveaway
- I know this is random, but isn't this the cutest baby you have ever seen? (via Etsy storque)
- great freebies at kind over matter and Creature Comforts
- the cutest photo ever (via decor8)
- lovely vintage jars on Etsy
- herb garden markers (I just love these)
- how to make a beach garden in a pot (so summery!)
- great classic short stories

photo via sea legs snapshots (fabulous photo stream as well!)


alli michelle said...

That photo via Decor8 is so adorable! Everyone should go check it out.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Hi Iva, great links.

Please do print my drawings for your niece. I would like to post the coloured versions on my blog. I've already had a couple and they look AMAZING!. So I'd love to see some more.

Love, Andrea.

linnea paulina said...

That baby was 100 percent adorable :o) Thank you for sharing all of those fun links!

Sofia said...

The bear photo OH MY GOD, is so adorable that it hurts. Know the feeling?:P

And let me tell you that's a really trendy mattress on the photo. I would not cover it if I had one like that:P

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