Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Garden

My newest obsession is succulents. I made a little arrangement for my parents' sitting area in their backyard. I used a fabulous vintage metal plate that belonged to my great grandmother. Here are all the steps if you want to create one of your own:

What you need: a plate or whatever you want to use, different sorts of succulents - at least 3-4 to make it more interesting, with different heights (in my case there wasn't much choice at the store unfortunately), some pebbles and soil.

First I put some pebbles at the bottom to make it more real for the plants. Then added soil, planted the succulents and finally added pebbles on top. It is really easy as you can see. Have fun! :)


lolly-jolly said...

It looks beautiful! But is it enogh that high of ground for their growing?
The plate that you have found is awesome:)

xavia said...

neat ;)

iva yaneva said...

yes, their roots aren't very large, plus they grow mostly in rocky places or deserts, so they don't need that much soil or water for that matter :)

simplesong said...

i'm getting into succulents too ... so easy to take care of! love your arrangement here.

Jenny said...

Oh!! It's very unique garden... I love to decorate my garden with beautiful stuff!!

ideendom said...

Hi Iva, I am also a great fan of succulents, and try to make something with them. Congratulations for the choice of the old metal pots, it looks great into them.

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