Monday, July 6, 2009


Made these fruit salads (not sure if you guys call them so) yesterday. I used half a melon instead of a plate and filled it with various fruits and ice cream on top. Yum! I used chocolate flavored ice cream here, but in my opinion it is better with vanilla one.

I had my last exam today! Summer vacation - here I come! I am also going to my parents' house tomorrow for about a week. That means a week of laziness, my grandma's homemade meals (yum!) and hours spent tanning on the terrace with a book in hand. I also have to finish some projects I have started and haven't still shared with you guys, but I will as soon as I am done with them :)


alli michelle said...

That looks good - I love this photo!

Tati Tortelly said...

Hello, Iva,

Thank you very much for the nice coment on my blog! =)

All the best,

nookie said...

that looks delicious

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