Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm back

Hello everyone! I am back from my vacation at the seaside. I had no internet connection there so no blogging for me. It actually felt good to leave my laptop and iphone and forget about them for a while. I think I've become way more depended on them than I'd like. I managed to go through some of the photos I took there and just wanted to share.

Nessebar. There are many merchants on the streets. It really adds a lot of colour and character and you can find lovely souvenirs.

Nessebar has many ruins, it is a really lovely historical town. This particular one is from one of the most important churches in our country, well, many, many years ago.

This is at a lovely Italian restaurant we found at the beach. You can see small fishermen boats in the background. They had the best dessert there - salty crackers + Mascarpone + Nutella. I am not usually into this kind of experimentsb but it was surprisingly good!

This man has been at the town entrance for over 15 years every day playing a bagpipe (it is a national musical instrument). The atmosphere is amazing!

I love what you can find on the street when you just walk around, no map, no nothing - just get lost and have fun!

That's me :)

This is what the beach at St. Vlas looks like at night. I love the private tents, so romantic!

This is an old restaurant in Nessebar. We had dinner there the first night. All of the waiters were dressed like sailors and there were three old musicians playing instruments and singing, it was fabulous!

There is a month left until I start my next semester at the university. I hope I will be able to do most of the things I have planned - hiking, riding a horse, starting my own business. Did you manage to do all the things you wanted this summer? I am thinking of making a 101 things in 1001 days list, anyone with me? It will be so much fun!

more photos from my vacation on flickr


alli michelle said...

Your trip looks so nice! I love traveling and looking at other people's travel photos. Love the photo of St. Vlas beach, so beautiful.

inspireinspire said...

Yay! Look at you gorgeous girl :) it's good to have you back, my friend!

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