Monday, August 31, 2009

Inspiration: Debbie Travis' Facelift

What happened to this show? Have you guys seen it? If you can find old episodes I totally recommend it. I loved that they did almost everything themselves and they had the best DIY projects! Ah, I miss it so much, it was such an inspiration...

isn't this room just the cutest? with place on the tables to put toys and crayons and those awesome running figures on the wall

I love the tropic feel to this bathroom and the painted leaves on the wall.

I like the extra handles on the wardrobe used to display jewelry and the painted tree in the background. It looks as if they are hanging on the branches.

This is my dream kitchen! I love the wood, the stone, the dark cabinets. And just look at that floor!

There are photos on their website and before/afters but the show itself was so much better!

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