Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Inspiration: Amanda Gilligan

Today I am inspired by the photography of Amanda Gilligan.

I just love the light in her Polaroid photos. It feels almost magical.
visit her blog, flickr & Etsy shop

p.s. I just created a Tumblr account. Check it out here for more inspiration.


alli michelle said...

Beautiful! And I love using makes it so easy to keep track of photos and I love seeing them all together. I like the collection of images you have on yours!

Amy said...

Her photos are beautiful.

Thanks for the comment and visiting my blog.

Sofia said...

Magical and ethereal:)

Rachel Follett said...

That is really nice. It seems hard to capture light like that without using a flash. Really beautiful!

BTW: I am doing a giveaway on my Lovely Clusters blog and we are giving away a cami dress from Plum Pretty Sugar!

oh, hello friend. said...

beautiful! thanks for sharing! :)

xo. danni

amanda said...

Aw, thanks Iva!

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