Monday, September 28, 2009

My Home

I know I've been a really bad blogger the last couple of weeks but I've been busy redecorating and painting at home. I had some problems with the new fitted wardrobe but I hope it will be ready soon. I have so many ideas and I definitely need to start saving because all that remodeling is way more expensive than a university student without a job can afford. I haven't taken many photos because half of the place still needs furniture - a sofa, a coffee table, two bookcases.. The good thing is I finally managed to make my card reader work and share some photos with you.

I put this little "me" tag on top of my inspiration board, which I finally got to remake.

I changed the place of my desk and now the light is coming from the left, which is perfect. Still need to paint my chair white though.
I love Victoria's Secret Pink! And their tags are so cute! I use different jars to store stuff in them.

This is the plant next to my bed. I am really bad with plants, really, really bad. I need to get a window sill (that's the word, right?) Isn't the light beautiful?

And this is my nightstand. Got those seashells while we were at the seaside this summer form a lovely old woman. The picture is of my parents' wedding - I love it! And I keep all of my jewelry inside that box. The book is by Ayn Rand and there's a Sofia Dance Week program on top of it. What's on your nightstand?

Hope everyone's week started great! See you tomorrow :)


My Owl Barn said...

I love your desk, and the bottles that you have used for push pins and paper clips are gorgeous :)

Olga said...

Your desk looks very neat and organized (does it stay long like that? :D Mine does only for a short time after tyding up!). I like it's colour - and how it defines the wooden texture. I'm also terrible with flowers - they survive only due to my boyfriend's care ;)

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