Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blogs & Tea

After walking home in the rain yesterday without an umbrella (silly me) I managed to get myself sick. So I am staying at home today, no university, no fun activities - just a couple of TV shows, your blogs and lots of tea. It's 3 p.m. here and I have already drunk a dozen cups of tea, mostly thyme and mint with lots of honey in them. I am not a huge tea lover but those two are delicious! What is your favorite type of tea?

I think this print by MadeByGirl perfectly describes my afternoon. Oh, and it's only $9,50 right now! Great, isn't it?


Carolina said...

Get well soon! ;-)

I am a tea lover! So it is hard for me to choose only one kind... I love black tea in the mornings, for the rest of the day I like mint tea, moroccan tea and fruit teas... ow, and white tea is also a must!
well, i will stop now before I keep on going forever...


alli michelle said...

Hope you get better soon! Sometimes it's nice to take a break, too, and I hope you're enjoying your tea. I drink green tea - I used to think it had no good flavor, but now I'm used to it & I find it so relaxing to drink.

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