Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Inspiration: By the window

I love light. I love windows. Especially the really big ones. I just realized how many of my flickr favourites and photos on tumblr are taken at a window.


Sophia Coppola (via English Muse)

Hope everyone is doing great! xo


Callie Grayson said...

great collection of images.

I really love the light quality. Very filtered hazy light. the 3rd image by annabellp is so pretty and then the window in that last image is just perfect especially with that bit of red in the corner.

I also love how the light filters through the mason jars. very pretty.

Melissa A. said...

What a lovely round-up of beauty and light. I had forgotten about my love for pussy willows. My always had some of these in a vase in our house growing up and I used to love the lightly touch them between my fingers. So soft, just like a furry little animal.

alli michelle said...

I agree with you, window shots are often my favorite. The light streaming in makes the photos look so beautiful & timeless.

My Owl Barn said...

Love those shoots. I am a big fan of windows myself. While renovating our house we decided to rip off a couple of walls to put in some extra windows :)

Callie Grayson said...

miss you!

Daniel329 said...

I stumbled on your page and your shots are fantastic. I will be checking back often to see your posts.

tarynkent photography said...

i love window shots too! these are perfect! ;)

thislovelycity said...

These are absolutely lovely! Your blog is so great.. I'll be back! xo

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