Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sofia Architecture Week

Some of you guys wanted to know a little more details about the Sofia Architecture Week and here is another post about it as promised.
The week started with a two-days forum. There were lectures all day long and some great guest architects. Unfortunately, all the places were booked before I could sign up. The lectures took place at the English yard of a lovely old building, used as Faculty of Biology.

Next there were four days of lectures, presentations and discussions open for all. They held place at another lovely place, called Sklada . I read somewhere that it used to be an old factory or a printing house but now it is used as a place to display and sell expensive designer furniture. Since the title of this year's architecture week was Changing Urban Visions, we talked a lot about our capital Sofia (that I currently live in). It was great to finally feel like a young, creative and most of all active citizen. Each of the evenings finished with architects playing music - each evening there was a different architect playing, lots of wine and talks.

There were also several exhibitions during the architecture week, some of them are still on. The first one I went to was Housing Models and it was probably my favourite. It is actually a visiting exhibition from Austria and it shows 12 international housing buildings. There were video installations but the best thing were the models, some of them real size, allowing you to actually feel the space.

The next one was SoHo Sofia. It showed works of students from the Technical University of Vienna and their ideas of turning the so called Women's market into SoHo Sofia. It is a very controversial place and it was interesting to see how people from a different country react to it.

There are a couple more exhibitions around the city, mostly thought-provoking.
There was a corner at the Sklada, where the newest books about architecture and design were presented and you could get them with a discount.

The last day was probably the most interesting, I will share it with you tomorrow though because this post became way longer than predicted.

All photos are by Mihail Novakov and more could be found at the event's facebook page.


alli michelle said...

Looks amazing! I think I would attend any lecture held in that beautiful building (first photo). Have a great weekend!

Sofia said...

I really dig the palettes as a base for the works exhibited:P

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