Monday, November 16, 2009

Visiting... Aedes Studio

Remember I promised I'd share the last (and best) day from Sofia Architecture Week? Well, here it is. The last day was called Open Doors Day and some of the best architecture studios in my country opened their doors for us. It was so great to see what those young and talented people have on their bookshelves, how their inspiration walls look like and most important of all - meet them and talk with them about architecture.

The first place we went to was Aedes Studio. We actually kind of knew one of the architects in the studio because he is assistant at our university and we got to work with him for one semester.

Their studio was in an old building and it was very cozy. Lots of fun! Take a look :)

this is one of the workplaces. I love the creative mess! and the sign at the top left.

that plant totally makes me smile

work in progress

some models...

this is awesome! I love these weird pictures

Here are some of their projects:

A hotel in Borovetz

Apartment building in Sofia

"Jaklyn" - another apartment building in Sofia. It got nominated for Mies van der Rohe Award for 2009. (Congrats!!)

An interior for Sofbuild - they did a really good job there!

Pictures by Mihail Novakov and the ones of their projects - from Aedes Studio's website


Sofia said...

Totally loved the images of the working space!=D

Have a nice week:)***

radoslav said...

the pictures are from Rin&Nedko's plays.:-)

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