Monday, December 7, 2009


How was your weekend, everyone? Mine was pretty cool, although I had a lot of work to be done. I managed to go see Couple's Retreat and it was really good, although I didn't quite get why it was entirely made from a woman's point of view. It was kind of a proof how bad men are and how women are the only ones who work in a relationship. Even though, it was still a lot of fun but not for a guy, I guess.

Yesterday I went to a book fair, something a person with my problem of buying a lot of books when I don't have the time to read them shouldn't do. I got four books - all the three parts of "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand and Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol". I'll probably leave the first one for later because I don't want to interrupt my reading with the whole lot of projects I need to finish.

Anyway, this means that I now have 7 books on my nightstand waiting for me, literally! I carry "The Catcher in the Rye" with me because it is a small size and fits perfectly in my purse and I really want to have something to read wherever I go, just in case. The other one I'm reading right now is "The Medici Secret" and I can't wait to finish it because it is so boring!! I really hate how they come up with historical "facts" and the story itself doesn't make a lot of sense yet (I have 50 more pages to read).

So, what are you, dear friends, reading right now? Perhaps you could recommend something to add to my huge pile on my nightstand? I'd love to hear!

Photo by me.


alli michelle said...

I agree, bookstores can be so dangerous to go into (I want to buy too many things).
I was visiting family this weekend, and my mother in-law was reading The Lost Symbol, too. She said it was interesting!

Carolina said...

wow! I am NOT alone!
I have the same problem... and it gets worse: I read all of them at the same time.

By now I am in the middle of 4 books!!! :-O
Maybe I need some help...


Sofia said...

If you like thrillers and to get really anxious while reading try Jeff Abbott's "Fear" or "Panic". I read these two and can say that now I'm a fan. I did even borrowed my books to let some friends read:)

Unfortunately I don't have much time to read and the time I do have I sepned online or sleeping:/ One of the reasons I love summer is exactly the feeling of having the time to do everything, reading at the beach included:)

Hope everything's going great with you:)


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