Thursday, December 17, 2009

DIY: Holiday Decor

It is nearly Christmas - my favourite time of the year! I love decorating my home and I am pretty sure I am not the only one here. So I found some really great ideas in case you still have some time and enthusiasm left.

Don't you just love this matchbox advent calendar tree? I am sure every kid would love it! There are instructions on the happy home blog how to make it yourself.

I love Alli's display - so simple and easy to do and yet so beautiful!

There are some really great DIY projects at Stephanie's blog. I love what she does with candles!

I will sure be sharing more ideas before Christmas so if you have a lovely project to share - let me know and I will most likely feature it here.

Have a lovely day everyone!


Welcome Home said...

I really love the box tree calander... It's really sweet. Some great last minute ideas... thank you

Olga said...

I think candles are so important for cold and dark winters - they really become alive with flames and lighten up everything around... How is winter in Bulgaria? I bet it's not too bad :) Here it's -9 today and it's snowing, which is not usual anymore for this part of the country. Almost proper winter ;)

Anonymous said...

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