Friday, December 4, 2009


Hello, dear friends! It has been a while, I know. Thank you so much for the kind comments while I was away. I had a pretty busy couple of weeks (and have a few more to come), working on my projects, presentation boards for exhibitions and so on. I tried to stay away from the blogworld as much as I could because well, it is quite a distraction for me. Does this happens to you as well - knowing that you should be doing something else but you simply must visit one more blog, read a little more?

The reason for all this rush is that I found out that we most probably won't have a Christmas vacation at the university - we will be having just a couple of days for Christmas and then just one day for New Year's Eve. It really sucks, because I love Christmas more than any other holiday - I always spend it at my parents' house with my whole family, my grandma and my mom make the most delicious meals for Christmas Eve, my cousin who lives in the US comes to visit and it really is wonderful every year. Plus this time we are expecting a new member to our family - a little baby boy - my nephew! So, I am pretty much working hard so that I get to finish the projects a little earlier and get my long-waited vacation! Sounds good? Keep your fingers crossed that everything will work out!

What are your plans for the holidays, dear friends? Do you celebrate Christmas and have you planned long vacations? I'd love to hear about it and dream a little with you!

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alli michelle said...

No holiday break? That seems unfair. Hope you can catch up on work & enjoy the season as best you can. :)

Carolina said...

Hey Iva,
Good luck with your projects!

I LOVE this time of the year! I simply love Christmas and New Years celebration!
Be with the family, eat nice mommy-homemade food... or cook it together with my hubby!

Have a nice weekend!

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