Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It is sometimes a little frustrating having too many interests and enjoying so many styles of painting, types of photography.. I sometimes get all confused what exactly is my style, as I never stick to it for long enough. I hope to figure this out soon.

How about you? What is the style or type of art you enjoy?

watercolor and china ink applied on a vintage postcard

Pretty Things

I have always thought that the most important thing about your home is not how big it is, but how it is decorated. Although I would like to have a huge house by the sea or at the mountains (not sure which one I'd love more), I really adore those cute small apartments that have so much personality. Here are some lovely items that can help you decorate your place.

I have always loved these stunning mirrors by the French company Domestic ever since I saw them about two years ago. There are so many great designs on their website!

How cute are these rugs by John Pour Home? They also make custom ones.
(not sure where I saw this first)

How about using trays as art? I have seen it before in old Bulgarian houses, but they weren't nearly as pretty as these! by Velocity
via Decocentric

IF: Worn

Watercolor and china ink on paper


How gorgeous are these frozen vodka bottles? I think they are just perfect for special occasions, parties and even weddings. I love how you can barely see the letters on the bottle. Definitely must try it on my next party!

Tutorial here

Monday, June 29, 2009

EDM #229

The thing I like most about summer is that I can spend the whole day outside. So many fun things you can do on a summer night!

What is your most favorite thing about summer?

watercolor on paper

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Here is some eye candy for your (hopefully) lovely Saturday morning.

I think the 3d picture on the left has my new favorite colour!

The stylist is Randi Brookman Harris.
All photos via her website

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Friday! + FREEBIE

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Any plans? It's girls night out tonight for me to celebrate the exam that went good today.

photo via A Cup of Jo

p.s. Oh, Hello Friend have these lovely FREEBIES for you. Go check them out!


One of my flickr contacts Kiwi_GaL is collecting these cute kimmidolls. As soon as I saw them I fell in love - they are just so cute! The best thing is that they all have different "personalities" and each one is supposed to bring you luck, joy, meaning and purpose etc. Aren't they adorable? :)

From top to bottom left to right: Sai (Talented), Nozomi (Hope), Sachi (Joy), Yoshi (Good Luck) and Toki (Opportunity).
Found them here

Stamps and Journal pages

Happy it's Friday? I am! One more exam left next week and that's it!:)

My friend Lora at JoliePop asked me to share the stamps I made a couple of weeks ago, so here they are. I used them to stamp the pages of my journal. They didn't really turn out perfect, but it really was a lot of fun!

Here they are together with the eraser I used to do it in my tin box :)

The colours of the scanned pictures are awful! I have no idea why this happens.. Perhaps it's the scanner's settings. I tried some adjustments but nothing seemed to work.. HELP!


I love peonies! They are so pretty and cute and.. remind me of Paris somehow.. Not sure why. Anyway, I had to share this beautiful video I saw today at Midnight Friday

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bird Cages

I have a thing for bird cages, but I am not a huge fan of caged birds, or anything caged for that matter. So here you go, a couple of empty bird cages. I drew these about a month ago, but I had some problems with my printer/scanner.

China ink on watercolor paper

Etsy Love

I love these cute cork place card holders by Corkey Creations.

via Oh So Beautiful Paper

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Etsy Love

I've been looking for some long chain pendant necklace for the summer for a while and I really found some absolutely adorable ones on Etsy! Hope you like them too :)

1, 2. Silver Lining Jewellery
3. handcrafted jewelry by Karen Elizabeth Garner
4. Cloud Cuckoo Land
5. Eclectic Moi
6. Fleur Avenue

Lovely Apartments

I love this really small, but beautiful apartment by the french architects ECDM. The best thing is without doubt the bed area, which is lifted from the ground and is stuck to the ceiling. Wonderful solution to small apartments with tall ceilings.

via ArchDaily


It is raining today! I love rainy weather - everything is so quiet and cozy. I enjoy staying at home with a nice book, listening to the rain falling on my window. Don't you just love it? :)

The adorable Tina at Luphia loves is turning 22 today, so go wish her a Happy Birthday! :) Don't forget to take a look at the lovely boutique she opened just recently www.luphia.co.uk - a lot of beautiful clothes in there.

Photo via WeHeartIt

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I just fell in love with these fabulous drawings! What a great style and what a huge inspiration! Enjoy!


via funkyblackowl.blogspot.com

Monday, June 22, 2009


Wedding invitations are in my opinion one of the hardest things to design. They are just so personal and special that it is really hard to find something that good. Well, I did find some lovely ones even without looking! Take a look at jeremy and kathleen's wonderful designs.

these are the invitations she made for her own wedding, I just love them! the photo booth pictures are my favorite part. they also signed each invitation themselves.

these invitations she designed for a coworker

All images via jeremyandkathleen.blogspot.com


The magazine I buy each month always has this stunning modern furniture among the ads. The lovely photographs are so inspiring that I just had to share them. Enjoy!

Furniture and photos via Ligne Roset

Parasol Magazine

Yasmine at A Print a Day is publishing this fantastic magazine. It is full of inspiration and interviews with famous bloggers, artists, designers. It is FREE and there are already three issues of it. You can check it at www.parasolmag.com

p.s. her blog is also full of lovely stuff she makes, some of them are even FREE, so you'd probably want to check that out too.


Hello you guys!

How did your week start? Mine started superb! I woke up and one of the first things I do in the morning is check my favorite blogs, so I found out I was one of the lucky winners form a giveaway! Yay! It is really exciting, since I had never won anything in my life. So thank you Curious Little Oyster for making this happen!

I will be back later today to share with you some lovely freebies and free zines I found, so stay tuned.

image via ImageShack

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Updating Links

I changed the banner of my blog, well not the whole thing, because I still like it, but the font - I used my handwriting.

I am updating my Blogs I Love field , so if anyone wants to exchange links, please let me know at iva.yanev[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll be happy to do it.

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Have you guys seen this lovely website? It is full of FREE full-size vintage scans, perfect for your projects or even hanging on your wall! I love how wonderful things you can find in the internet :)

Work in progress

Working on personalizing some stationery. I am still not completely satisfied with the result, but I am getting there. I wrote the sign IvaY myself, using china ink, scanned it and printed it on watercolor paper. Each card is cut by hand. Feedback would be appreciated!


I just couldn't resist sharing with you the beautiful photos of rebeca lilly. I found her flickrstream through the lovely blog Serendipity.

Happy weekend!
Flickr & Blog

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer and Books

I have been kind of obsessed with the Twilight saga (I am on book 3 at the moment) and haven't really been doing anything else except read for the last week. I've missed reading a lot while finishing my semester and now I have all the time in the world to do that! If you guys enjoy reading as much as I do, you probably already have an account at Goodreads. If not, you should totally join! You can add me as a friend there so that we can exchange recommendations and reviews :) Just click here to view my profile.

My question to you is what are your plans for the summer? Any vacations? Any inspiring plans? I'd love to hear! :)

photo via: Design Lovely
If you like it as much as I do, you can get it here.

Have a lovely day! <3

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Yep, that's right - I am a fan! I got the first book Twilight on Friday and I have already read it and I am at the middle of the second book, including that I prepared for an exam in the meantime!
I've got to say that the books are much better than the movie (which is almost always true). I was looking for a series to start reading, because a great book is never long enough, so this one pretty much did the job.

How about you - did you read it? What do you think about it? And if not, what are you reading at the moment?
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