Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Busy Week

It's been a little crazy over here with all of my projects due in a week. It's good actually because it is keeping my mind busy so that I don't get all sad now that the holidays are over and I am no longer with my family. The recent posts have been more about me and my daily routine and this is perhaps how it is going to be for a week or so. I'll still be posting because a short distraction is always good but I won't have time to dig up interesting and exciting things to share with you. So in case you want to see more of my home and my first steps in photographing still life you can check here daily, if not - I'll be seeing you in a week when all the fuss is over. Sound good?

On a side note, I joined Holly's flickr group Interior Styling and I am really excited and inspired to work on my styling skills. I'll be sharing more about this tomorrow.


Melissa Y. Allam said...

Sounds good. I've always like your photo's of things you do around the house or your morning breakfast and tea. That's great that you joined Holly's flickr group. I think you'd be great at styling still lifes.

Mila said...

You have such a beautiful blog!

I think we have quite the same taste... :)


alli michelle said...

Holly's new group is so inspiring, I continually check it to get new ideas. I like getting a peek at what other people's lives and surroundings look like. Good luck with your still life adventures (I always enjoy your photos!).

oh, hello friend. said...

happy 2010 friend!

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