Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Weekend!

How is everyone? Hope you are having a lovely weekend! Mine is a bit stressful but fortunately not something I can't handle yet. I left my render this morning and went to get materials for my model from the craft store. I got some beautiful dry flowers as well - lavender and I don't know the name of the other one but they are in the picture here. I love the smell of lavender, it's just heavenly! I even got some extra time and went to Starbucks and took a photo with my new Polaroid. I really love how this one turned out (except for the focus!!). This time I blocked the flash with a piece of cardboard and it worked excellent! My computer still hasn't finished rendering my design visualization and I decided to stop by and drop a few lines. Oh, I almost forgot - would you be interested to see my projects when I finish (which is next week)? I am designing a big housing building and for my design project - a series of furniture for a teenage room. Let me know.

Keep your fingers crossed Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for me, please! That's when I'm handing in my projects. Thank you! xo


Misplaced Country Girl said...

This picture is so dreamy! And of course I want to see your project!!!!

rumah pohonku... said...

ufff...i loveeee that picture! what polaroid camera type u used ?

iva yaneva said...

I am happy you guys like it!

rumah pohonku, I use Polaroid One 600 (Ultra I think), I just got it! :)

Carolina said...

Good luck with your project!
And please do share it with us, I would love to see it.


Fee-AMore said...

That is a really nice photo. I love the feel and mood.

And good luck with your project!

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