Thursday, January 7, 2010


Guess what? I finally got a Polaroid camera! I've been dreaming about it for so long and my boyfriend gave it to me yesterday as a Christmas present. I am so happy! I got the Polaroid One which is a good start I think, especially since I've never even held a polaroid camera in my hands.
I took this photo this morning (I can't believe I cut the top like that, but oh well, imperfection is cute, right?). This is my bed cover (which I love!) and the throw is made by my grandmother. She was so talented and made the most beautiful throws you can imagine! I literally putting all of my effort to keep myself away from the camera because I don't want to shoot the whole film yet. I guess I'd better start saving for more!

On another note, today is my nameday. Hehe, this probably means nothing to you but in my country all the people who have the name Ivan or similar to it celebrate today. It is as big as a birthday and mine is today! So, happy nameday to me:)

p.s. Take a look at this lovely playlist Anthropologie posted today.


Rossitca said...

Hi Iva, happy new year and happy name day ;-)
Wish you a lot of inspirations and desire for seeng the good things!

Carolina said...

Hey Iva,
Have a lovely nameday!

Your picture is very cute.


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