Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Have Coffee with Me

As those of you who have been reading my blog for a while probably know, I get several projects each semester at the uni. This time one of them is designing the interior of a coffee/pastry shop. So I thought "Which are my favourite places and why?"

The one pictured above is probably my favourite at the moment - Confetti Gelateria. We usually go there on Saturday and have brunch while most of the people are still asleep. There are several reasons I keep going there: best cappuccino I've had in a long time; very nice customer service; really beautiful dishes (I know - weird thing to notice but they really are pretty) and most of all - different places to sit. What I mean is if you are trying to relax while having your coffee and reading a book for example (which I very much enjoy) it is a bit irritating if there is a huge and loud company next to you, am I right? The way those guys solved it is that there are small tables at the very front overlooking the street with large french windows; and larger tables at the back where the interior is more fun and colorful. Those two areas are separated by the bar and the huge showcases which gives them just the enough privacy - smart, isn't it?

I have more pictures from that place that I will share as soon as I get my film developed.

In the meantime - which is your favourite or least favourite place to have coffee? Are there particular aspects of its design that make you feel more comfortable or irritate you? I would love to hear your thoughts!

(photo: Iva Yaneva)


alli/hooray said...

Beautiful photo! Sounds like such a cozy little place to visit and to relax. I would definitely be the one sitting at the front tables in front of the windows, people watching :)

didko2 said...

My least favourite place to have a cup of coffee is called Bistro Frank Lloyd Wright lol xD

iva yaneva said...

Alli, I am always there too, lol :) For some reason I love having coffee by myself.

Didko, yep - among mine too:) But the important question is why?
I hate most of all how noisy it is. The furniture is also very uncomfortable and it's not good for spending more than a couple of minutes there.

For those wondering, Bistro Frank Lloyd Wright is the coffee house at our uni. I know that abroad there are really good discounts for students in these cafes, which is a good reason to go there!

Sofia said...

Designing? Oh that sounds so cool! you'll be able to chose the colours, and fabrics, and objects? And everything connected to it?


iva yaneva said...

Yes, that's the plan. I also have to think of the best way to organize the whole coffee making process, cleaning tables etc. Basically - the whole place. Wish me luck :)

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