Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Inspiration: Jonathan Adler

When I was a kid I used to spend at least one week of my summer vacation at my grandparents' house. My cousins were there too and it was a so much fun! I have some very random memories and one of them is the cushions my grandma had on her bed. It was so weird when I saw Jonathan Adler's cushions because they reminded me of hers. I even think she had one that looked very much like the blue one. I should ask my parents, perhaps they remember it more clearly than I do.

I am currently looking for a couch (or more honestly trying to come up with a DIY project for a bench or something I can use instead). And even though we don't have IKEA over here (yet) I couldn't help but take a look at what they offered. I love the typical American white couch which is so hard to find here or is oh so expensive. What I like about it is that it looks very cozy and casual, just perfect to lay down and watch some good bad TV.

I think what makes a white couch even cozier are some bright colourful cushions. I love the photo above (by Jen Ramos at Made by Girl, in fact this is her old couch but I still like it) and I used it as inspiration to create my own fictional couch - Ikea + Jonathan Adler.

(photos: Jennifer Ramos, Jonathan Adler, Ikea)

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