Saturday, March 6, 2010

Inspiration: Susannah Conway

Last week I received a lovely mail from Susannah that I thought is worth sharing with you. I am going to order a frame for this beautiful print tomorrow but I couldn't wait so I took a quick photo just to show you. Isn't it lovely? It looks even prettier in person, I assure you!

Susannah has been one of my favourite contacts on flickr - she is just a magician with her Polaroid camera. I highly recommend taking a look at her shop if you are looking for some beautiful art.

She is also running an e-course called Unravelling: Ways of Seeing My Self, which is basically about reconnecting with yourself through photography. It sounds wonderful!

Susannah's Website / Blog / Flickr / Etsy


alli/hooray said...

Her work looks beautiful, and so refreshing. Adding her prints to my wishlist!
I like the photo of the print you took, and that little postcard with it, too.

AVY said...

Gorgeous pictures.

Sofia said...

Hello Iva:)

She is amazing:) I did the course with her last year and it is worth if you open yourself to it and compromise with it 'till the end.

Kiss kiss

The Design Notebook said...

Amazing work. I love it. will check out her website straight away!

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