Friday, March 26, 2010

The Lovely Blogger List

I love things like this which help us learn more about each other and make us feel like a part of this community. The lovely Rachel, who never fails to surprise me with her clever ideas is making this list of creative blogs around the world. I cannot wait to check out all them and the best part is all the blogs are organized by location so it will be really easy to find creative new people nearby. To find out more about The Lovely Blogger List simply go here.

Here we go. My name is Iva and I've studied architecture for four years now. I live by myself in a small apartment and I get inspired by all the beautiful things I see around me every day. I've studied drawing and painting for five years (four at the university and another one to prepare for the exams before that). I tend to spend a lot of time inside of my head and this was just something that helped me leave everything behind. I was really surprised I was actually good at it because I had never taken a lesson before it was time for my exams and being among the top 5 people with the highest scores made me feel so proud.

I also love taking photos. I have always wished people could sometimes see the world through my eyes because honestly, the world is absolutely beautiful! It is really the small things that we walk by and we almost never notice that make our day wonderful.

At the moment I use a Canon EOS 400D and I just recently discovered the beauty of film photography, so my vintage Exakta 1000 and my Polaroid camera are my new loves.

I love all the beautiful blogs that keep me inspired all the time. I have seen such wonderful projects that have made me try bookbinding, styling, making origami, jewelry, accessories, calligraphy and so many other fun things!

Last, but not least, I design buildings, interiors and furniture for my school assignments (and hopefully for a real job soon). It is my 4th year studying architecture at the university and besides all the sleepless nights I have spent during the last few years, once my work is done there is no better feeling in the world.

Well, this is what I do, at least for now. I am sometimes worried that I have way too many projects on my hands and that I am all over the place but then again, I don't think I can give up anything I do - not painting, not taking photos, not even blogging or design. It is all a part of me and I just love it all!

Next on my list: opening an Etsy shop (working on the details right now) and getting better at graphic design.

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Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

I had no idea you study architecture! That's so cool! I have a friend who is an architect who has worked on the MAD museum and the Gugg in the NYC, he always takes me on the 'architecture' tours, as opposed to the artwork. It's one of my favorite things to do!

Dionne said...

Wow, you do it all! And you do it all so well! I love your art and photography, and your architectural spaces!

Dalena Vintage said...

Thank you for sharing each of these bits of yourself...You are quite the renaissance woman!

Mila said...

oh wow, this is so lovely to read and such a beautiful post! <3

actually, all of the beautiful tea packages I've posted about do come in tins...!!

Have a lovely day dear!


Rachel Follett said...

Thank you so much for sharing more about you and your lovely work and for participating in the Lovely Blogger list. I really enjoyed reading yours. :)

Jutta said...

I just found your blog via Flickr. You are so multi-talented! And thanks for sharing the link to the Lovely Blogger List, will go check all those lovely blogs now :)

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