Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beautiful Morning

It's my first day at the uni today since Easter so I decided to make my morning more wonderful. Luckily the weather is on my side and after a few days of rain and cold it is now lovely outside. I am having milk and Truffles au Chocolat that I made yesterday following this recipe (remember yesterday's post?) These turned out lovely and they weren't too hard to make too.

This weekend I found a lovely store over here called Home decoration & gifts and I am just in love with it! It offers things in the style of Anthropologie only way, way cheaper. I got this mug and the bowl for just 10 leva (€5 or $7)! I had such a big smile on my face going out of it. You can find it in Serdika Center and there is another one on Vasil Levski Str. Unfortunately they don't have a website but it is worth taking the time to go there.

Have a wonderful day, dear friends! xo

(Photo: Iva Yaneva)


lolly-jolly said...

You bought beautiful things! And this photo is really pretty! Here in France i saw many many gorgeous stores and every time i came into them i think about you... Because i know you'll love them!
Have a nice 1st day at VIAS
Bisous! :)

Raru said...

Oh... beautiful. Have a nice day too :)))


alli/hooray said...

oh my goodness, a whole bowl of truffles looks delicious (and lovely photo!). I've got to try making some. have a great day back!

taryn said...

yum.. this looks so yummy!
and love the new bowl and mug.. so cute! hope you're doing well!

Mlle Paradis said...

hi! just discovered you through C. Cartolina. What a pretty blog you have and I like your filo ideas! i will definitely be back!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

That looks wonderful!
Wish I could find a store like cool!
hope you had a lovely weekend Iva!

Milen@ said...

Блогът ти е много стилен и разнообразен! Снимките ти са уникални! Удоволствие е да се разглежда блогът ти :-)

Поздрави, Милена

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