Monday, April 12, 2010

Etsy Love: Ornamelle

It makes me very happy when I come across talented Bulgarians, especially around the blog world, etsy or flickr. You might think this is strange but interior design, making handmade stuff and other creative jobs are not as popular as they probably are where you live. Therefore I feel I should do my best to help and promote such people, especially when they are as talented as Masha.

I first saw her photos on flickr and I later found out that she runs a lovely Etsy shop called Ornamelle and a very inspiring blog.

The Ollyvia Fabric Baskets she makes are absolutely gorgeous! I love the lace detail and I can't wait to get one for myself! There are so many things I could use it for.

Ornamelle's flickr / blog / shop


Masha said...

Thank you so much! :) I'm really proud to be in your blog! :)

maybemayest said...

lovely stuff :)
i'm really love grey, so simeply but very beautiful..

alli/hooray said...

So lovely. I like the little tool wrap with pockets, it's so pretty + beautifully styled.
I feel the same connection, too, when I find artists that are from the same state as always makes it that much more personal.

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