Sunday, April 11, 2010


Dear friends, how are you? I owe you a big apology for not being around for over a week. The truth is I went to visit my parents for the holiday and I got a terrible allergic reaction to God knows what. So instead of having a lovely relaxing weekend I was visiting doctors and hospitals all week. My hands got twice as big and it was painful to even type so I decided to stay away from the computer for a while. I'm feeling a lot better now and although I cannot leave the house I will be back blogging and catching up with your lovely blogs from tomorrow.

I hope your holiday was much better than mine and I cannot wait to see photos and read your stories!

p.s. I managed to take a few photos of my mom's garden and the lovely table setting she made, so stay tuned this week.

(Photo: Iva Yaneva)


alli/hooray said...

Sorry to hear about your reaction! What a disappointment - I hope you are feeling better + I can't wait to see more of these pretty pictures. I love the sun shining through in this one.

Dalena Vintage said...

Oh my goodness love! I hope you're feeling better this week...Looking forward to seeing your shots!

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