Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lovely Home

We're having such gray weather today. I feel like it's fall all over again. But oh, well, at least the internet never fails to cheer me up.

I came across this beautiful home the other day. I was looking for apartments approximately as big as mine and trying to find some inspiration and well, mission accomplished! I really love how bright and cozy this place is, it is not hard to feel at home here.

The kitchen is just the cutest! I can eat breakfast there all day long, no seriously - I can!

(Photos from here)


Julia said...

It does look nice! What's funny is that I found your blog via Decor8, and then saw this post and sort of looked at the view from the window (with the N and the miniature chair) and felt "this looks a lot like Gothenburg". Then checked the photo credit - and it is :)

A very strange coincidence.

Louise said...

Looks nice!
Very beautiful

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