Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cuteness overload

I went to see my baby nephew yesterday and I managed to take quite some photos. He is so adorable and was in such a good mood - he didn't stop laughing for hours! He is 6 months old and has the prettiest green eyes ever!

I bet he knows just how cute he is! I can see him using it to get out of trouble already :)

in his towel
aunt Iva got him this Superman outfit

taking a bath


Alice said...

omg, just the cutest expressions ever!!

Bekah Mae said...

That really is cuteness overload...what fantastic photos! Made me smile :)

cellulite cream said...

He is really cute... especially in his superman outfit. I agree babies can always get away from trouble with their charm. ;)

Tarja Mustonen-Blomquist said...

wow, what a little superman! Lovely photos! Tarja

Jen said...

Awww... what an absolute doll!! I want one!.. mabye ;-)

mara said...

Best baby!

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