Monday, June 14, 2010

I am back!

Hello, lovely people! I am finally done with my projects for uni and today I am applying for continuing my education in the Residential Buildings department (or your equivalent of applying for a master degree) so hooray for that! I have a few exams till the end of the month, but that's the easy part, right?

I'm not going to share anything too exciting today (I'll be blogging regularly from tomorrow on), it's just a bit of an off-topic post to talk about the things I plan on doing this summer and asking you guys what your plans are.

I feel I have so much energy that I am not quite sure what to do with it, but it's the best feeling, isn't it? I think I'll need some kind of a fun project that hasn't quite emerged in my mind, so if anyone wants to do something awesome or is looking for some help with a project or anything really, just let me know :) I feel I need to get to know a bit more the lovely people that inspire me every single day with their blogs and art and talents and it would be so wonderful to actually do something together, no?

I am visiting my parents today and going to see my insanely awesome baby nephew (who is turning 1/2 year today!) and I'll hopefully get to take lots and lots of photos! I am thinking of joining the FGR group on flickr this summer again. If you haven't heard of it, check it out - it is sooo much fun! I have tennis lessons (I used to play for a couple of years and I so need to refresh my skills and play again), learning more about a few programs that might be useful (like 3ds max, archicad, illustrator...), working on my Italian, taking some kind of a sport is all on my list. One of my teachers told me I could go paint during the summer if I had nothing better to do and I think I might do that as well. That reminds me they took all of my paintings (for an exhibition as far as we know) but I hope I'd be able to get them back after that, because there are quite a few that I didn't get the chance to scan and show them to you. On top of all that I'd be helping my dad with his work and of course, the awesome "secret" project I am working on (he-he).

I think this is officially the longest post I've written so just one last thing. Thanks to everyone for the support even when I wasn't able to communicate with you! You are all so awesome and I am really lucky to have met you guys! I'll be having a giveaway next week to celebrate it :)

Oh, and so that you know, this is officially the most awesome video ever!

p.s. If I haven't responded to an email or message you've sent me - I apologize! I'm not ignoring you, I'm just slowly catching up.

Hope your list of things to do this summer is even more exciting than mine! I'll see you tomorrow and until then - have an awesome day! xo


Daniel329 said...

Welcome back, I look forward to seeing more of your photography.

alli/hooray said...

Hi Iva! So glad to see you are back. I've just caught up on your new posts and your cafe project turned out wonderful!

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