Friday, June 25, 2010


Mango is one of my favourite places to stop by when I'm shopping. To me it's very similar but more affordable (?) than Zara. I'm not sure if it is available worldwide but I know it's all over Europe, plus they have an online shop (and a pretty good website!) so you might want to check it out. I really love the vintage-inspired style, the cute but also very elegant dresses and I absolutely love their wallets! I think the last 5 wallets that I got are from their store. They also have some limited edition clothes that are oh, so gorgeous. I got a dress for my graduation a few years ago that was so beautiful with amazing details and is definitely my most favourite dress to date.

some favourites of mine. last week I got the gray dress at the top.

I love, love, love the floral maxi dress!

and wearing this dress I believe every woman will look like a goddess!

I am curious if you know this brand, especially those of you who live out of Europe. I would love to know if you got something lovely lately that you want to share! I will be back tomorrow and until then I am leaving you with the last photo that makes me dream of lots of sun, blue seas and relaxation.

(All photos are from Mango's blog and website)

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Anna Liesemeyer said...

Hi Ivay! That long dress is stunning. Gorgeous picks!
hope you are well! Have a great weekend!

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