Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The perfect Recipe Book?

Ok, something huge today. And by huge I mean Moleskine huge!
I've been searching for the perfect recipe book, since I missed getting the awesome one they had at Anthro, and surprise - it turns out Moleskine makes them! (am I the only one who didn't know that?) It looks nice and the pages seem to be well designed for the purpose. I think I'd like to have a bigger one, a real big recipe book actually, that is filled with scraps and handwriting and my grandma's recipes that I could put on the shelf, but I guess this one is more practical.

They also make journals for wine, books, movies, music and wellness. The last one sounds nice too.

So, do you have a recipe book? And if you know some great place I could find the perfect one, let me know - I'd love you forever!

Thanks, Frau Haselmayer for the info!

(Photo: Moleskine)

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