Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Friday!

What do you do when it's insanely hot outside? That's right - you go somewhere cool, ha! :) It's the weekend already (yay!) and all I can think of is vacation. I've had so much work done this week but it's good - I love being productive! I just hope I can find time for all of my projects.

We are leaving for Bansko tomorrow. It's a ski resort and it's very close to the mountains, which I love! I think of the seaside as more of a "fun" vacation, while going at the mountains is more about piece and serenity. I am curious which one you prefer? We are actually very lucky to have both in our small country and they are only a couple of hours apart, so it's pretty much the best of both worlds. But if you had to choose where do you prefer to spend your vacation? I think I'll have to say the mountains.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend, no matter if you are on vacation or staying at home. 'I just hope it's not too hot wherever you are. See you Monday!

(Photo: violetjulia)

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