Monday, July 12, 2010

Inspiration: Ditte Isager

Waking up early for work is hard. I am helping my dad at the office this summer and I get up at 6 o'clock Monday to Friday (and sometimes the weekend too). Usually till noon I am all quiet and I feel like having a huge cup of tea or carrying a soft blanket with me. These photos by Ditte Isager portray this feeling so well. I would love, love, love to sleep in the bed above, maybe not every night, but yeah. The forest is my dream place to live.

How do you manage to wake up for work every day?

p.s. Thank you, dear Silvia for the sweet surprise! xo

(Photos: Ditte Isager)


Raru said...

It is hard for me... I think that my big cup of coffee helps me a lot. :)))
Pretty pictures by the way. Very pretty.


Mila said...

Hello dear!

Wonderful post, it's really magical...

Thanks so much for your nice comment!
Yes, I was thinking too about covering a box with pretty paper myself, to save money, but I know I am just soooo bad at those kind of things and I do want it to be beautiful of curse!

So lovely we share the same taste!
We can really enjoy each other's blogs now... <3


siskus said...

Мекичко и пухкаво легълце,ще съм като елфче от гората,а си имам и буболече! :)

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