Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A new friend

I got home from work today and my mom said we had a new friend - a baby bird! It is so tiny and cute and I am so scared it may not survive long because I know it's really hard to take care of baby birds. It has feathers and it is actually not the smallest baby bird I've seen but it definitely cannot fly. We put it in a box and I hope it's not cold because it shivers from time to time and it is breaking my heart! Has any of you taken care of a baby bird? I would very much appreciate any tips you have. I read some suggestions on the internet but it's always best to hear someone who's had an experience with this. Thank you so much!

Also, can you recognize what bird it is? We think it might be a baby swallow as my mom saw a few flying around but we're not sure.


Callie Grayson said...

oh so tiny!
I have never taken care of a baby bird myself. But when a teenager the boys across the street found a baby bluejay, and took care of it. It basically became their pet that lived outside, they had to feed it and it would fly and land on their shoulders.
could you call an animal rescue and ask for tips on how to take care of it??


iva yaneva said...

Oh, I hope it survives! I remember when I was a little kid me and a friend found a baby bird but it was much younger than this one and soon died. It broke my heart!

A blogger friend just gave me the phone of animal rescue at the nearest town so I'm calling them tomorrow :) Thanks for the support, dear! xo

alli/hooray said...

aw, it's adorable! I just saw your twitter update about what happened, I'm so sorry it didn't survive.

we recently rescued baby squirrels and bottle fed them. they didn't survive and we thought it was our fault, but I guess we can only try!

Mila said...

oh wow, that's so precious!
also really gorgeous photography!


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