Monday, July 26, 2010

Still in Bed

It's a rainy morning but I love it! I would love it even more if I were in bed at home and reading a book while listening to the rain outside, but being at the office is not too bad either. I already have Internet access over here and I hope it would be easier for me to blog more often.

I had a pretty great weekend. We baptized my baby nephew yesterday and it was lovely. I have a ton of photos, he was so cute! On Saturday we went to see Inception and that was great as well. If you haven't seen it already, I recommend it. I am not the biggest fan of Leonardo DiCaprio but he sure knows how to choose his movies. I really can't think of a movie with him that wasn't worth watching.

The weekend was pretty great when it comes to books too. While traveling with my dad on the highway we stopped to get coffee and to my surprise they were selling all kinds of things there, including books on a huge sale! I was happier than a kid in a candy shop! I got The Hours for just $2 and Indian Textile Prints for inspiration for just $3. How cool is that!? I am definitely going back there as they constantly add new stuff to their sale.

I also discovered that they have the insanely gorgeous Penguin Classics collection at my local bookstore for a really good price too - $15 (I even think it's cheaper than Anthro!). The bad thing is they only have like 5-6 of them and I have read them all so I couldn't bring myself to buy a book I have already read or already have, no matter how pretty the cover is. But I would be checking more often to see if they get the other books too.

Oh, and I also really liked this book. Has anyone got it? Any reviews?

How did you guys spend your weekend? I hope it was lovely as well!


Anna Liesemeyer said...

Hi Iva:)
I am dying to see Inception! Hearing lots of good things about it!

Congrats to your little nephew! I went to my friend's little boy's baptism over the weekend. It is always a refresher for me to attend a baptism:)

Have a wonderful week!

alli/hooray said...

That is so sweet about your nephew being baptized, such a wonderful moment to see. We saw Inception this weekend too + loved it. It seems like Leo only does epic movies!

Mila said...

hello gorgeous!

sorry my last visit was such a long time ago.
gorgeous post! it makes me want to go to bed straight away, ha! :)
(in bed all alone is the best there is, at this moment.)

Yes, those Japanese products are so gorgeous and cute, ALL of them...i am struggling too with my wallet...

hope you're doing good,


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