Friday, August 6, 2010

Lovely: Crates

I love books! And I love looking at books, apart from reading them of course. I love looking at other people's collection of books because it says so much about them, about what they love and who they are.

Since my books collection is growing (now that I have my own apartment I can call it "my" collection, not my family's) I've been looking for an inexpensive bookcase I can either buy or make myself. And now that I've seen the beautiful things people do with crates, yes - crates!, I think I've found my future bookcase. Aren't these inspiring?

I also love the idea of using crates as bedside tables. How simple and wonderful is that?

(Photos: 1.Recyclart 2.interiorama; 3.David Schalliol via Dolan Geiman; 4.Nashville Cream 5. houzz; 6.Apartment Therapy; 7.Vintage Indie; 8.Ayos: Living ReArrangements)


mnemonique said...

this is very inspiring! I also love books, and we (me&my husband)have a lot of them. In our new apartment we were thinking how to arrange our piles of books. That may be great idea.!!!

Lulu said...

i love all these ideas! and books! i'm crazy about books.

postcards from dreamland ♥

Naomi said...

You've hit the nail on the head, my dear! I totally L-O-V-E crates right now they are just so perfect for storage and they have that environmentally friendly quality that you just can't beat!

Great photos, great inspiration!

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