Monday, August 23, 2010

Lovely: Melissa

Am I completely insane for loving these shoes? Perhaps, but my, are they the cutest!

My only concern, besides the price, is that they look terribly uncomfortable. And comfortable shoes is a must for me. Believe me, I would walk everywhere in my slippers if I could.

I just love how they look with tights in a contrasting colour! Perfect for autumn.

Yes, they are made of plastic. But a recycled one.

(Photos via heartshapedsky and


Naomi said...

Oh they do look lovely alright!
But I agree, there's a lot to be said for shoes that don't make you suffer...

Carolina said...

Melissa is a very famous and old brand in Brazil... and I LOVE it!
Tip, if you can try it, do it, because some are in fact extremely comfortable! ;-)


Alice said...

cute but i could neeever pull that look off!

iva yaneva said...

Carolina, thanks for the tip! Hope I can catch them on sale :) xo

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