Monday, August 2, 2010

Lovely: Organizers

Do you remember this post where I was looking for the perfect recipe book? Well, I think I found a whole lot of them on the kikki.K website! There are all kinds of organizers in white: for baking, recipes, even take aways. I love the cute little drawings of utensils in different colors at the front of each one. Another good thing, apart from the design, is that your recipes are protected inside the organizer so they won't get grease all over them while cooking.

I also think that My Manuals & Warranties and My Receipts organizers would be very helpful at every home. I have tons of these in boxes, folders and I never find what I need at the moment. So it would be really nice to organize them once and for all.

Other things that I love from this website are the Birthday & Anniversary Calendar (I always forget important dates, so this one would be really useful for me); 2011 Cute Diary (could I get away with this one at the uni or at work?); this cute luggage tag and canvas pencil case. If you still haven't noticed, there is an 8-year old inside of me :) I wish I could dress and behave like one, ha!

(Photos: kikki.K)

p.s. I found these via a lovely blog but I forgot to bookmark it and now I can't remember its name. If you have featured these about a couple of weeks ago, let me know, because I want to credit the website I found them on.

The lovely Rosa contacted me and I can now leave you a link where I found these lovely organizers. It was on ChicDeco and if you haven't been there, you totally should (and also bookmark it before your browser crashes, lol). Thanks, Rosa once again! xo


mnemonique said...

I love organizing things! And these ideas are so neat :) i love them

ChicDecó said...

lol! I featured kikki a couple of weeks ago:

Maybe you found this via ChicDecó?¿?¿? ;)

iva yaneva said...

Yes!!! Thanks for leaving a comment, I'm linking back to your lovely blog :) xo

ChicDecó said...

Thank you so much Iva!!!!!! Lucky I love your blog so much and I visit it very often, I could know you were looking for the via of this post!! lol! ;)

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