Friday, October 8, 2010

Brr.. it's cold!

I love having Friday off. I can stay in bed all day, watch movies, read, make yummy things in the kitchen or go out - I can do whatever I want. No place I need to be, nothing I need to do. I once read an article about Leos (that's right - I'm a Leo) according to which Leos' favourite day of the Week is Sunday. That is so not true! On Sunday the weekend is slipping away, everything you should do on Monday is already in your head and it's just hard to relax. But on Friday the weekend is just about to start and all you can think of are the endless possibilities. I got a little carried away but all I really wanted to say is "Happy Friday!" :)

(Photo: viewsofia)


city girl said...

I can't believe we're already in the cold weather months. Hope you had a great weekend!

Alice said...

gosh that is a beautiful image.

agreed it is quite cold now! so sudden too.

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