Wednesday, February 16, 2011

79 ideas

Valantine's day is over but the lovely Radostina (the blogger behind 79 ideas) started an e-magazine and there is a special St. Valantine's issue. I am a little late posting this but with all the traveling and with no internet access for a while I am just starting to catch up on your blogs. If you haven't already seen the magazine you can do so here. I promise you it is full of gorgeous photographs and inspiring ideas.

I am really happy this magazine is getting all this attention in the blogosphere because Radostina is such an inspiration and the fact that she's a Bulgarian only makes me like her and support her even more. So congrats, dear! Can't wait for the next issue.

p.s. You can also read the magazine in Bulgarian.


Radostina ♥ ♥ said...

Благодаря ти много за вниманието, Ива. Означава много за мен. Поздрави :)))))

iva yaneva said...

Радвам се, че ти е харесало! Наистина се е получило страхотно :)

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